Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Better in than out!

Ok so I go through major fazes in London. One week I just want to be out socialising and then next I just want to curl up into a ball and hope that it rains out so I can stay in all weekend and not feel guilty about it. Some of the best times that I’ve had in London is staying in and watching trashy t.v, eating great food and listening to great music with great people. Not to mention saving up all those ££££!
Here are some of my great food/friends/nights in!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Let it snow!

So this post is a little bit later than I wanted it to be, but better late than never. I wanted to write down this memory because it is something that I never want to forget. Coming from Australia and always choosing to go on beach holiday I had never got the chance to see snow. So the first time it snowed in London was so much fun for me. I was a little disappointed because for weeks now there was a flutter of rumours that it was going to snow in London. As the weeks flew by I’d heard a new wave of rumours that it was in fact not going to snow at all, I gave up all hope. I walked to Joe’s house to get ready to go out for a friends leaving party when I saw it was SNOWING!!! I can’t describe the excitement I felt when the first snow flake fell on my nose; it felt like I was on a movie.

Monday, May 28, 2012

On the sunny side of the street

Friday night after work I treated Joe to a surprise dinner at Albannach Scottish restaurant and whisky bar in Trafalgar square. The food was great but to be honest the vibe of the whole place was a bit off for me. We were greeted by tall skinny blonde women who waved us over vaguely to the restaurant area (which was fairly large). We eventually got seated at the top floor facing down on the whole bar. The crowd was a mix of people, tourists, young couples and older men lingering around the bar. I enjoyed dinner but I was more excited to get out of there and take Joe to the next surprise outing- to the Brasserie & wine bar Toulouse Lautrec for some French folk music. After dinner we were extremely full and ready for a nap, but we soldiered on through the haze of heavy food and red wine and made our way to Kennington. The Brasserie was more than I had hoped for, it was cosy, romantic and had a buzzing energy at the same time. A French trio played famous French love songs while Joe and I sipped on red wine.
Overall a fantastic Friday night!

This weekend the sun was shining in London finally!! BBQs were burning people were camped out across the parks having picnics and playing games. I loved firing up the Barby and sitting around catching the sun and chatting away. Even though I’m from Australia I feel that I took the weather for granted big time. But in London you rarely get the see the sun, so when it comes out you make the most of it, which is exactly what I did this weekend.

Monday, May 21, 2012

A weekend to remember- Finally!

So it’s very easy to forget your weekend if you have a boozy one (like most weekends)! So this weekend I really appreciated spending time with really good people and eating really great food. It started on a Friday after work when I headed to the Apex Temple court Hotel in London for a friend’s birthday. We enjoyed champagne and Canapés and minis cakes in the Hotel lobby bar. We stayed for a couple of hours and then made our way to the Blues brother’s sing-along screening at the Prince Charles cinema in
Leicester Square. It was nice to do something a little bit different on a Friday night rather than go out and drink 10 pints and feel terrible the next day. Everyone at the screening dressed up as the Blues brothers and it impressed me how much effort they all went to.

Saturday was great because my friend Matteo and planned to have a pig out night and watch girly movies and chill out at home. Ribs, chicken wings, wine, Chocolate and face masks was the theme. Matteo also has introduced a heart of Dixy to me and now I’m obsessed!!!

Funny story about Sunday… I am currently in the process of moving from my apartment in Clapham Junction to Joes in Fulham. So there I was catching the bus with my big travel backpack and several other carry bags only to realise that the Chelsea Football club were  march to celebrate them winning the champion league. It was Chaotic to say the least! The bus got diverted and dropt me right in the middle of the entrance to the parade and I had to walk through the whole thing to get to Joes. Although it was a horrible scenario I actually enjoyed the spirit of a community getting together to celebrate and cheer for their team.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Must Love dogs!

Ok because I absolutely love dogs I’ve decided to post of all of the celebs and their pooches. I don’t know if seeing celebrities walk around with their dogs makes them seem a little more realistic, but I must say that I like them a little bit more for being doggy lovers!

So here you go:

(And last but not least)

Note: I know Paris Hilton 'Loves' Dogs but there was no way she was going to be making an appearance!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My monthly Goals!

So I’ve been feeling the mid year blues lately. It’s been a while since the New Year started and I feel I’m getting distracted and not really carrying out any of the goals I set at the start of the year. So I’m going to make a list and hopefully follow through this time. I’m going to start wring a monthly list of Goals, I may not complete any of them but a friend once said writing things on paper or in my case blog will clarify what it is that you want out of your existence.

  Wish me luck!

·    Only drink Once a week (with moderation)
I feel like every weekend there's always an event that I have to be drinking at. At this age I should be able to go out and not have to always be toasting, I'm really going to try and make the effort to start caring for my body and not having a terrible hangover every Sunday!

·  Go for a walk once a day and take a picture each  day of every day things that inspire me.
I leave home at 07:00am in the morning and get home around 07:00pm, to be fair I do work long hours, but it really would kill me to take 30 mins out of my day and take a different rout to work and take a picture, so this is defiantly making it to the list.

·  Call home more often
I know I'm on the opposite side of the world to all of my family back home but I really have been slack with calling them and giving them weekly updates.

·      Go to Yoga twice a week
I have been to a couple of classes before and really enjoyed it, then I got 'to busy' and lost track and didn't end up going back. So I would really love to go back and give it another shot.
·      Start drinking more green tea

·Eat healthy 6 days a week
I generally do eat fairly healthy, but I want to step it up and take it to another level. I want to make sure every night when I get home that I can look forward to having proper protein, vegetables and carbs.
·      Start a new book

·      Buy myself a bunch of beautiful flowers