Thursday, May 3, 2012

A night at the Museum

After our indulgent three course dinner at Marco Pierre White we took a cab over to the Natural history museum to go to see the Scott’s last expedition. It was touching, to see memoirs and letters from these brave men who took it upon themselves to explore Antarctica. I especially enjoyed reading about what they had to eat from day to day, I don’t think I would’ve been to keen on trying the seal soup! There was something magical about being in the museum at night, we walked through the dinosaur rooms and it was almost like the movie a night at the museum and the animals were going to come to life!
I think the Natural History museum do a special once a month Where they open at night and put out canapés and drinks, so you can browse the museum and mingle. I would defiantly recommend going somewhere like that for a first date, it was so romantic and something a little bit different from going to see a movie!

The crew

Dinner time

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