Monday, May 14, 2012

Gordon's wine bar

If stopping over in London town make sure you hit up the family run Gordon’s wine bar the oldest wine bar in London. The thriving little place is always packed out on a week night with people ranging from early 20’s to late 60’s. The wine menu is well thought out and mildly priced, they also offer food I didn’t opt to eat their as I think its best to eat elsewhere and then stop by Gordon’s late on the way home. Gordon’s can be easily missed not marked with a big flashing sign only hidden beneath the dark streets with only a petite doorway. The interior is decked out with little newspaper cuttings aging back to when the bar first opened. With candles in old dusty wine bottle scrawled across the bar it really does have a romantic gothic feel to it.
I once went their and saw one of the older workers shooing people out of seats so they could seat more people it made me laugh. The reputation of the little bar is great so it will always have the locals support. Gordon’s will always have a piece of my heart because Joe had taken me their on our first date. I was always kind of proud that he had taken me there because it had a lot of personality, and anyone who chooses that place for a first date has automatically one me over! Overall Gordon’s was very true to the roots of Old London town it was authentic, rustic, warm and inviting and a great night out!

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