Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The closing of London 2012!

For the last year living in London has been absolutely amazing. With the Queens diamond Jubilee and the build up for the Olympics, London was the place to be. The month leading up to the Olympics I remember having a conversation with Joe about the mixed emotions felt about the Olympics being held in London. I wasn’t happy about my journey to work being disrupted (what with it taking 40mins already!). Taking the post out had become impossible with all of the new arrivals walking around taking photos of all of those letterboxes.

I have to say once the games had officially started I was hooked and my attitude had completely changed. I loved the energy at work- everyone had something to say about the latest event that was on. I funnily enough found myself getting addicted to sports that I had no idea about. I found it so inspiring to see these fit people who train for years every day to represent their country to the best of their ability. I became very patriotic supporting Australia, and getting very competitive with co-workers about who was better, the Brits or the Aussies. Obviously it was Australia’s year for winning Gold!

Joe had surprised me with tickets to go to the closing ceremony at Hyde Park, Blur (one of his favourite bands were playing for the last time). I unfortunately didn’t get to go to any of the sporting events for the Olympics but I truly felt apart of this country at the closing ceremony. I loved standing with thousands of people singing along to the songs that meant so much to them as a country.

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