Friday, May 11, 2012

Azteca Latin Lounge- Chelsea

I’m sensing that I have a theme for loving little Latin style lounges to hang out at. It’s just when I work in such a corporate world I like to think that I go completely the opposite direction. To me the Further you can get from an office is a grubby little bar that had bright colours and essence. I went to Azteca lounge after walking the streets of Chelsea. We strolled past little posh cafés and little bistros that you had to look a million bucks to fit in. To be fair Chelsea isn’t me favourite part of town. Apart from how beautifully pristine they keep the streets; it just seems a little too pretentious for me. Azteca stood out of the crowd to me, it was smaller than most of the bars that we passed but it seemed to have guts about it. We hadn’t sampled any food there and to be fair it looks and feels like more of a bar than a restaurant. I wouldn’t go there for a night out but maybe a pre drink before dinner. Azteca defiantly scored a few points for me when they started to play INXS-I need you tonight.

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