Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cantina with a side of Vibe

This weekend actually turned out to be one of those random go with the flow weekends. I stepped out of my little comfort box and met up with a girl I met randomly through another friend a week before. Back home you have a comfortable group of friends that you meet up with every weekend that you’ve known for years, and even the people you see out you’ve most likely seen around town. This is why I love London at times you feel completely invisible and unknown. To my surprise people in London also have there own groups of friends and rarely cross over to meet up with new people. Being a traveller you’re almost forced to talk to people and make new friends as soon as you can.
I’m glad I made the effort to meet up with Casha for her birthday because it turned out to be such a fun refreshing night out with new people. We started at Cantina Burlesque extravaganza on Southbank. These performers were psycho! The things that they could do with their body was insane!!! I highly recommend making the trip and watching the hour long show!

We then made the Journey to Bricklane (on the other side of the city). Bricklane has a high energy/grunge vibe to it. You almost feel like you’re on the streets of India, with restaurant workers standing out the front yelling ‘I get you a good price for a curry’. We stumbled into Vibe bar at the end of the street and sat outside with a group of friends. Vibe has a warehouse/house party vibe to it, with the confused music selection it was like every one was fighting to play there fav song. To be honest it almost felt like they were trying to hard to be so chilled- and it attracted a crowd that also were trying a bit to hard to be alternate. If I wanted to hang around a bunch of indies I’d head to Camden thanks!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Jubilations!

Jubilee weekend
This weekend in London was a historical one! With the Diamond Jubilee taking place the vibe of London was electric! The long weekend started for me midweek and it felt like it lasted a lifetime!
To recap my long weekend celebrations:
Wednesday: when my friend from Australia had came for a visit and took me out for dinner at one of my favourite dives in London the Roadhouse in Covent Garden. It was so special to me to have someone from home to come and remind me of the good times back home.

Thursday: My boss had taken the whole office out to The Clarence (the private room obviously!) to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. As I am still the newbie at the office it was nice to mingle with my new work mates and see that they were really like after a few pints. If there’s one thing I absolutely love about London it’s the old man pubs on every corner. Sure the Poms are known to wingd about everything, but the atmosphere and the banter at these pubs you can’t really get anywhere else!

Friday: my friend Matteo had booked this fantastic 8 course taster menu at DSTRKT a new club/restaurant in London. Walking into DSTRKT was like walking into a club that you would see in the celeb mags. It was indulgent, aristocratic, and remarkable but still had that dirty house vibe to it!
Saturday: Was the day of rest. I was happy to curl up and eat good comfort food and watch curly Sue in my Pyjamas (I’m such a nerd).

We headed down to Putney bridge where the Queen was floating by in her Flotilla. The energy in London was remarkable, people usually moan about the rain and the weather- well when it comes to the Queen the people will get out and support her rain hail or shine! After a few drink and laughs down by the river we decided to go watch Prometheus. I never thought in a million years I’d end up  with such a sci-fi fan. But as mum said- if you can’t beat them join them, so that’s exactly what I did!

What a fantastic weekend….
Here’s to many more to come!