Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mexican night

I feel like this month I’m craving Mexican all the time! I even feel like sangrias and various sweet cocktails that I don’t usually enjoy! All I could think about at work the other day was salsa, Nachos and one of those crazy overly filled Tacos that you only have to look at to put on weight. Nearly every Friday night my friend Matteo joins me for dinner and gossip kind of like what I would do back home. This was another one of our Friday night gatherings and I put on a Mexican theme night just for fun!. We sipped on our red wine while enjoying a sun blushed tomato and poached egg salad I pre made earlier that night for and entree. Then came the Enchiladas filled with spicy blackened chicken and sautéed mushrooms. What a fabulous night to stay in when it’s raining outside, great food, great wine and even better company!

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