Monday, February 13, 2012

Street life.Love

So I clearly know that there are buskers in every part of the world, but when you’re walking home at the end of a hard day and have caught three different trains in peak hour and you stumble across a man playing le vie en rose it does tend to make you smile. I have always had a countless amounts of respect for people who get out there and share their talent with the world. I don’t know if these brave people realise just how much they make my day sometimes!
Here are some of the magic/buskers/street performers I have come across in London:

Trafalgar Sqaure

Christmas love from trafalgar sqaure

Crazy street performer trafalgar


Notting Hill Carnival:
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The Nutcracker

How I loved going to the Coliseum to see the Nut cracker for the first time was magical. The costumes were remarkable and the live orchestra made the show! I had never known the story of the nutcracker before I had seen the ballet, and to be honest I didn’t follow the whole storyline but the story didn’t really make the show for me I was impressed with the overall experience. I would recommend anyone to put this on the to do list before Christmas.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Have a night in

Sit down relax and have some SSB (famously quoting sex and the city ‘secret single business’).There are just a few things that you need to as a women need to do on your own! I can’t stress this enough, especially being the girlgy girl that I am, that it is so important to give your body/mind a rest. My relax regime consists of a few simple yet effective steps.
-           Hire a girly/chick flick movie
-           Paint those things that used to called toe nails!
-           Give yourself a facial
-           Eat some comfort food
-           Skype home
-           Chocolate..... need I say more
-           Go for a walk
Once you’ve completed these steps you can feel human again!

The thames walk

Get out doors-thames walkThe most invigorating walk that I have been on in London had to be the thames walk! starting from Clapham junction and heading towards south bank, don’t worry about doing up your hair nice as I did as the wind will undo all of your hard work. The thing I love about London is you’ll be walking around and stumble into a beautiful up kept garden/park, and there always seems to be a statue of some sort for a tribute to one of the pasts greats!

Here are a few of the many of statues that I have come across in London:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Start a new class

Ok so I can see how it looks like a mid life crisis thing to do, but starting a new class just showed me that I’m still a little bit vulnerable and not as good at dancing as I thought! Steeping outside of the box was so refreshing and it made me laugh like a little kid! The instructor was a typically gay spicy spanito and would not take no for an answer. He was very pushy and just the motivation I needed to get into the mood to learn, he would shout and prance around and his smile was contagious and made the whole class smile! How could I not go back!!

Tea Party

Attend an English tea party
I was lucky enough to be invited to miss Nicole’s (a friend from back home) best friends tea party. It was a lovely sunny day in Putney and what else to do but attend a tea party fit for a queen! The table was filled with little tea sandwiches made with fluffy white bread and the perfect amount of cream cheese topped with a few thin slices of cucumber. There was little darling cakes and miniature lemon meringue cakes. Tea was also on offer as it was kind of a tea party, but on my arrival I never forget to bring a bottle of bubbly so everyone opted for a glass or two. Conversation was light; the Bossa nova jazz was humming away in the background there was no foul talk and it was nice for a change to act like a lady ;) When in London make it on your list to attend a tea party!

Waterloo Bridge-My love

Take a walk around Southbank/Embankment
I’d have to say when I walk across the bridge from Embankment to South bank it would have to be one of my favourite places to go to clear my head. It has the most spectacular view of the city skyline and of the Royal Albert hall. This was one of the first dates that Joe took me on, and secretly I think with that romantic setting it scored some big points for him. I recommend stopping off at embankment for a drink at Gordons wine bar(one of the oldest wine bars in London) and making your way across the bridge and maybe checking whats on at the concert hall. As mum would say ‘a little bit of culture won’t hurt you’

Gordons wine bar:
a great way to find out about London music/Jazz culture follow this blog:

The view from waterloo bridge

Ice skate

Act like a kid at least once a day I say! It’s that time around Christmas when you always feel like not acting your age. Back home we would put on a reggae Christmas album and cook ginger bread. Everyone has their traditions. This year was one of the first Christmases away from my close crazy family, so I kept myself pretty busy. Joe and I put on our skates and attempted to skate around the Bayswater ice rink (Queens Ice and Bowl). At first both me and Joe were a little rusty, after a few ciders we were pretty much pros!
You can just walk in and rent some skates no need for booking; it costs about £10.50 each pp.

Feed the ducks-St James Park

This is one of my favourite things to do! The other weekend I decided to get out doors and go for a nice walk. It just so happened that our freezer went kaput and all of the bread needed to be thrown out, I hate throwing food out so why not hit two birds with one stone and go feed the ducks! I went for a stroll around Buckingham palace and ended up walking into st James Park. It was so nice to be surrounded by happy families (even if they weren’t my own) in a weird way made me feel at ease. It’s so easy to get into a routine and forget about the great side of London. The beautiful parks, the crisp weather that wakes you up and the cheeky squirrels!