Monday, April 16, 2012

Fight the nothingness- on the way to work

A few ways to fight the nothingness- On the way to work
So to follow up on my last post, I though I would share different ways to fight the nothingness on the way to work. So last week I was on the bus home from work and I took a moment to look up while we were crossing the waterloo bridge and admire the view. I also took a moment to look around the bus and see how many other people were looking out to my surprise no one was looking; they were either reading the metro or playing with there kindles. The bus was packed full of Zombies, I know it was 04:00pm in the afternoon and everyone was on the way home from work. But it got me thinking how many people just go to and from work and don’t take a moment to stop and breathe. Enjoy the surroundings; take in the art the beauty and the energy that London certainly has to offer.
It seemed that London had rubbed off on me more than I thought because I was certainly guilty of walking like a robot down the busy streets of London. The next few days I made a point of walking tall not looking down and avoiding people. Stopping at the big ben to admire how tall he was, Taking a few seconds to take in the upbeat Louie Armstrong number the man was playing on his saxophone.
I also made a point of wearing my own clothes to and from work so I didn’t feel like to much of a clone.
Listen to some great fucking tunes!
Here are a few things I saw along the way to work:

This man is my favorite- Because he may look crazy but he's really just doing what we all wish we could do- Take off our shoes and relax!

The under the bridge musicians

The view from westminster tube station

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