Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Saatchi Gallery

Mum is always reminding me that I should always take the time to do something cultural while I’m in London. And it’s not that I don’t make the effort to go out and do things every weekend, but when it’s raining and cold out it gets very easy to stay in and watch movies. It happened to be a raining all of the long weekend. But we took our umbrellas and went to rough it in the rain, we walked from Fulham to Chelsea Kings road to visit the Saatchi Gallery. I’m so glad we did make the effort because it had turned out to be a lovely Gallery that catered for all. The actual gallery itself was a great space, with high ceilings and masses of sunlight shining through the sky lights. It truly was a positive space to go and have a browse and clear your head.
Here are a few pieces that had caught my eye:

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