Monday, January 16, 2012

Greece- Kriopigi-Halkidiki

Greece is one of those holiday destinations that you always dream of visiting, well it was my turn and I was on my way to Kriopigi-Halkidiki (56 mls SE of Thessaloniki). We had gone to stay with my good friend George; he was very passionate about his home country and couldn’t have been more excited to show his Australian friends off.  We had arrived from Eastern Europe after a series of unfortunate events, we were ready for a holiday from a holiday and this was exactly the place for it!  George showed us around Halkidiki a beautiful beach town were the sun is hot and the cocktails served icy! He treated us to a welcome lunch a feast of fresh seafood and cold deli food which is exactly what you felt like in the heat. He then took us to his favourite beach bars for the afternoon. The beach bars were my favourite, I loved the fact that you could sit around all day sipping on freshly made cocktails and listen to corny European dance music with heavy base.
The people: Greek people are lovely warm and inviting. Georges friend was nice enough to invite us to stay at his family run resort for a week. He didn’t know us at all but treated us as though we were his sisters. He would go out with us and keep a close eye on us to make sure we weren’t getting into any trouble(he caught us out a few times!).  This is why I love the people of Greece; you don’t have to know them for years as they will meet you once and make a decision if they like you or not on the spot.
The people of Greece!

The food: WAS AMASING! Greek cooking is one of my favourites because they don’t over marinate/complicate the food. They know that the seafood is fresh and flavoursome and they know how to serve it not using too many flavours and utilizing key ingredients to bring out the flavour (lemon, sea salt & Oregano) . I had cooked only once for George the whole two weeks of my stay. I cooked my famous cottage pie, that went down fabulously with a nice bottle of Greek red!
My favorite Restaurant

My cottage pie

A single serving of scotch on the rocks greek styles!

The parking: I had to mention this because it’s just too funny and shows how laid back the people of Greece are. We were walking home after a night out and came across typical Greek parking, a car parking smack bang in the middle of the road!  I don’t know if this is actually as funny as I thought it was at the time, or if I had one to many cocktails but I thought I’d share never the less!
Greek parking!

We stayed in Greece for about two weeks, by the end of it we were sun soaked and coming down off a month and a half of nonstop partying. We danced every night, drunk all day and shopped till we dropped!  I would have like to do more sightseeing but I was happy with the food and the wine and the weather!
Greece was our last stop before heading over to move to London for two years and probably the last chance to have a holiday for a while. We were really sad to leave the beautiful Greek Island but so excited/nervous about our big move. I know that Greece is defiantly one of those places that you want to go back to, even for a weekend escape.
So for now Greece αντίο Ελλάδα –Goodbye
George and I

Justine and I soaking up the sun


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A link to my favorite Greek restaurant back in Aus:
I have never wished to cater for the crowds:
for what I know they do not approve,
and for what they approve I do not know.
Greek philosopher, (341-270 BC)

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