Monday, May 28, 2012

On the sunny side of the street

Friday night after work I treated Joe to a surprise dinner at Albannach Scottish restaurant and whisky bar in Trafalgar square. The food was great but to be honest the vibe of the whole place was a bit off for me. We were greeted by tall skinny blonde women who waved us over vaguely to the restaurant area (which was fairly large). We eventually got seated at the top floor facing down on the whole bar. The crowd was a mix of people, tourists, young couples and older men lingering around the bar. I enjoyed dinner but I was more excited to get out of there and take Joe to the next surprise outing- to the Brasserie & wine bar Toulouse Lautrec for some French folk music. After dinner we were extremely full and ready for a nap, but we soldiered on through the haze of heavy food and red wine and made our way to Kennington. The Brasserie was more than I had hoped for, it was cosy, romantic and had a buzzing energy at the same time. A French trio played famous French love songs while Joe and I sipped on red wine.
Overall a fantastic Friday night!

This weekend the sun was shining in London finally!! BBQs were burning people were camped out across the parks having picnics and playing games. I loved firing up the Barby and sitting around catching the sun and chatting away. Even though I’m from Australia I feel that I took the weather for granted big time. But in London you rarely get the see the sun, so when it comes out you make the most of it, which is exactly what I did this weekend.

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