Friday, May 11, 2012

Dear future me

Dear Elisha:
I wanted to post a few things that I love at this point in my life so I can look back in ten years and be reminded of the good old times!
I love My Family- and I always will. There has never been a time in my life that I can’t call my mum or any family member and know that they will support me 100% and always give me the right type of advice.
My beautiful Nonna

Me My cousin Isabelle and my sister Elena

Me and Isabelle

Me and my brother Aaron

Me isabelle and my brother Liam

I love Joe- Yes Joe is my lovely boyfriend, and I know they do come and go but not to sound a little soppy but he is also my best friend here in London.

I love My dogs- They really are the best.

I love cooking when is raining outside

I love sushi…That is all

I love early mornings- there’s nothing better then waking up early and walking outside for a hit of fresh air

I love people watching- It’s so refreshing to watch someone elses life for a little bit… Not in a stalker way
I love staying in bed on Sundays and cooking up a fabulous breakfast!

I love to travel- I have caught the travel bug and I want to remind myself in ten years if I haven’t been to the following countries then future me should quit my job and leave tomorrow!
  • Italy- Valencia, Sardinia, Venice
  • France- Paris, Leon
  • Spain- Barcelona
  • America- New York, san Francisco, Miami, San Diego, Las Vegas
  • Canada- Montreal & Vancouver
  • Puerto Rico
  • Brazil

I love that Young Fine Cannibals song- She dives me crazy

I love wearing bright dresses because it’s grey outside why would I want to be grey inside?

I love Audry Hepburn- She is everyhing I want to be.

……… More to come

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