Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vino fun times in the park

How I love when there is a rare sunny day in London to get out an enjoy it in the park. One thing the pommys have on us Aussies is they really love to get out and make you of those beautiful days that we take for granted. When I first got here I remember driving past a few people and thinking why are they lying in bikinis in the middle of the park, there’s not even a place to swim? Now after living in the overcast for nearly a year now how I would give just to sun bake in the park. My favourite thing to do is go and sit out in the sun with a picnic blanket and sip on some vino and eat some nibbles. I can’t explain the feeling of the people on days like this. It’s like everyone is smiling and happy to be living! I’m sure there are plenty of parks that I haven’t yet seen here but my top three have to be Hyde park, Primrose hill and cannizaro park.
My favourite out of the three would have to be Cannizaro park, it is like walking into the secret English garden. Just off the track from Wimbledon Common it is hidden away behind a big grand white hotel and to the public eye is easily missed. This place is where every girl dreams of getting married. It is a fairly tail well kept garden which dates back to 1949. When you’re walking around the garden you can almost feel the history around you.

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