Monday, April 16, 2012

The Tube (hate it or love it)

Nobody mentioned before I moved over how long it takes you to travel to work. When I first moved here it really took me a good while to really get used to spending two hours of my day travelling to and from work. I owned a car back home so I would jump in my car and put my music on and drive 10 mins to get there. It’s not only the actual travelling that drains me, but it’s the constant negative vibe that surrounds the tube station. Every one is always in such a rush and never has time to stop and take a look around.
  • The tube will get you pretty much wherever you want to go in London, and when you compare it to owning/running a car it’s much cheaper.
  • Depending on what line you’re taking there is hardly any delays – unless you’re running late from work ;)
  • The buskers that play daily – always brighten up my day! they are that so passionate about music and they choose to go out every day to entertain us all.
  • They now have come up with baby on board pins for pregnant ladies so people don’t have to pretend like they don’t see them to offer a seat.
  • Smiles on the tube are very minimal
  • Most of the time it has a small amount of ventilation
  • It’s crowded… bloody crowded! On a bad trip you get the pleasure of an armpit facial.
  • Hearing that the reason your train is delayed is because there is someone ‘caught under it’.
All in all there are pros and cons to catching the tube, if you can walk somewhere I would defiantly recommend it, because there is so much to see and do along the way. But catching the tube is also a must do-to become ‘a real Londoner’.

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