Monday, April 23, 2012

New Friends

Moving countries can be really hard and really lonely! The first month that I moved over here I really missed my close friends and family. I thought finding a job and friends would be easy. For that first month I was ready to pack up shop and move home. When you grow up in the same place for a number of years you build a great network of close friends that you can rely on it’s a weird to think you have to start all over again. Starting fresh In a foreign country and not knowing anyone this can take some time and effort.
When I met Joe this was great because I was automatically introduced to his great friends and family so this made me feel a little more established. I also started working a temp job that helped me get to know a lot of girls in the same position as me and we bonded straight away.So within the space of a couple of moths of hard work and lonely nights I had established a great home life and a great work life. The one bit of advice that I would give if moving over to another country is expect the worst and be prepared. Work hard to make friendships last (the ones that matter) and plan to go to events together. In London it’s so easy to meet someone you really click with and then never speak to them again. So make the effort to go out of your way and invite them on a specific date (even if it means purchasing a diary).
The friends that I have valued the most in London are the ones that I haven’t had to travel across the city to meet up with. The ones that you don’t have to spend $$$ to have a good time, my friend Matteo comes over for dinner and Vino and it really reminds me of just sitting around the couch with my own family. So thank you Matteo for your company and friendship!
Greg, Matty and Joe

New years with the boys

Work people

Naomi, Sean, Shannon and I

Antonio Love x

Miss Elle Bacon and I 
Me and the boys x

Owen, Greg and I

Matteo and I

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