Wednesday, April 25, 2012

There's something about Soho

Soho is where it’s at! There’s something about Soho that makes you want to put on your best dress and go for a dance. I always seem to end up in vibrant Soho on a night out and not because most of my male friends are ‘fabuooosh’,but it’s a really nice place to chill. Soho is not only one of London’s hot spots for gay bars but it’s also has one of London’s biggest film scenes what with all of the celebrities walking around (not that I’ve ever seen anyone worth writing home about). It also is home to a couple of really cool Jazz bars including one of the worlds oldest Jazz bars Ronnie Scotts( I really I love getting dressed in my best dress and six inch heels and not feeling like your getting preyed on by a bunch of meat heads; because Kylie Minogue is pumping and the cocktails are flowing!

Soho House
So when I first moved to London me and the girls decided to hit the city for a night out on the town. We dressed to the nines and had no idea where we were going, this was weird for us because coming from the Gold Coast we knew everyone around town and the social scene like the back of our hand. We even worked at the nightclubs back home, so it was refreshing to go somewhere new. We started off at a typical English pub and had a couple of drinks. We mad our way around to a few bars, still to this day I don’t know the names or what time of night it was. We met these guys (they seemed nice enough) and they invited us to come to another bar with them. We though why not! It’s not like we have to go meet anyone as we don’t know anyone! We walked into the inconspicuous place that had a snotty door lady asking to see membership cards. I was thinking what the hell are they asking for membership cards for; we proceeded to drink and mix with people through out the night. These people weren’t your average mix of people, I kept thinking wow the Ceo of Sony BMG and this architect that had designed a famous building in China, what are they doing here? It turns out we were in Soho house, one the most exclusive member only bars in London.  To put this scenario into perspective I was stoked because of the reference to the famous sex and the city episode where Samantha gets kicked out for lying about her membership, so so cool to be invited in!

Justine and I in Soho House

Antonio and I Soho

The Village Soho

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