Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Christmas with the Donaghys

It’s always exciting when you have a new partner to see how their family celebrates different events such as Christmas or Easter. My first Christmas is England was extra different because I came over from Australia and his family are a typical English family. It was hard to spend one of my first Christmases away from my family because we are all so close but I couldn’t have spent it with a nicer one!
A Christmas in Australia:
First off the temperature is high, the barbeques are burning up and it’s so hot that all you want to eat is cold fresh seafood and Go for a dip in the ocean. Swimming is a must and is a ten minute drive from where you’re living in most cases; many alcoholic drinks are consumed (because of the heat of course). And because I am from a fairly big family it can become quiet loud and rowdy.
My Australian family lunch

My first English Christmas:
Joes family home is a quaint little cottage like house in
Hampton Court
just south of London. It is a quite lovely little street surrounded by big bushy trees and petite cottage houses. Because Joe comes from a small family it was really nice to see how they really made an effort to spend the whole day together playing board games and chatting about the best bits of the year. It was cold outside which made me enjoy the roast turkey and a glass of champers.
The donaghys

I think to sum it up I enjoyed both and it’s nice to experience a different families Christmas traditions, but Christmas never really feels the same without your family there. It doesn’t matter if its sweltering heat or a blizzard outside- Home is where the heart is.

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