Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Refinery

So the girls and I decided to go for a little after work drink (as every one seems to do in London) we crossed over the Blackfriars bridge and walked into a little place called the Refinery Bar. We were greeted by a small well dressed man and he took us to our seats at the back of the bar. This place was packed for a weeknight and just what we needed to wind down!
The food: We ordered the antipasti platter for four for three, and to be honest it wasn’t the greatest! The squid was flavourless and the dips (taramosalata & tzatziki) were bland. I was a little disappointed because I expected the food to match the venue!
The ambiance: As I mentioned the place was packed, it kind of felt like a warehouse converted into a restaurant. Deep soul lounge music pumped from the high ceilings, which I liked; I think it added a certain buzz to the crowed venue.
The service: The waiters made a few mistakes giving us the wrong drinks and overcharging us, but they made up for it in personality!
Overall: I think I would love to go back and try the food again, because the menu did look amazing and I’d like to give it a second chance. The place is great for a social drink or two and has a certain trendy laid back feeling to it.


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