Friday, April 13, 2012

Rome- my fav sites to see

The Trevi fountain
Another one of Bernini’s Baroque creations found in the Trevi district of Rome, the Trevi fountain was breath taking! We were lucky enough to see some idiot back flip off the top of the fountain while we were visiting. Apparently he would have got a £2000.00 fine for doing so, but something tells me that the man won’t be paying it anytime soon. Joe and I did the famous toss of a coin backwoods which the Romans believe will make you return to Rome one day. Every time we visited the fountain it was packed to the rafters! It was truly the calm amongst the madness of the crows surrounding it!
The Trevi fountain was partially made famous by the film- La Dolce Vita.

Villa Borghese
The Villa Borghese is like walking into a fantasy land, each wall was decorated from head to toe. Each wall would tell a story, they were there to tell us about the past so we spent about two hours perusing each painting, and luckily Joe had gotten the audio tour guide throughout the whole Gallery so we could understand what each painting meant I enjoyed not just the intricate paintings but hearing about the artist behind the masterpiece was much more interesting.
I would recommend staying for two hours to soak up all of the beauty of the Villa then take a stroll around the park. Joe and I decided to hire motorised bikes and cycle around the parks. It was so cute; Joe was so excited to ride around in them. It was like watching someone drive for the first time.
Here's a few pictures from our trip:

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