Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Budget Smudget!

My mum always jokes to me that I’ll look back on the days that I was in London literally counting my last pennys. I sure hope by the end of this trip I learn the lesson of the value of money because momentarily I’m thinking I still have a lot to learn. I worked out a silly budget yesterday on what I can save on this month; it went a little something like this:
This month I am in between jobs so I have a grand total of £1300.00
Lunch: £1.50 per day-£52.50(per month)
Dinner: £4.50 Per night-£157.50
Rent: £540.00
Phone bill: £30.00
Travel: £120.00
Total: That leaves me with £400.00 and that is just counting bare minimal!!!!!
One thing I have been deprived of since I’ve been in London is shopping and it’s devastating me!!!
NOTE TO FUTURE SELF: WTF am I thinking! I really hope you save some money for me when I’m older so I can be living it up laughing about how ridiculous my monthly budget seemed at the time.
p.s: I really hope future me will like drinking martinis, because it looks super cool….

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