Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rome- The art-Apollo and Daphne

My favourite piece: Apollo and DaphneGian Lorenzo Bernini sculpted the famous baroque life sized Apollo and Daphne. Why do I love this piece so much, because it captures a young lady who is running away from her future and from the masculinity that is surrounding her.  The myth of the art piece is that Apollo the god of sun and music had offended Cupid for playing with his bows and arrows and told him to leave the real weapons for real men worthy of fighting with them. Cupid was highly insulted and shot Apollo with the arrow of Love and then went on to shoot Daphne with the arrow of hatred.  Apollo fell madly in love with Daphne, he would chase her for years and she was repulsed by him. One day he chased her into the woods and she had has enough. She called for her fathers help; she wanted to be swallowed by the earth, she wanted to escape Apollo’s love for her. She then transformed into a laurel tree preserved for eternity.
I can’t say that I really enjoy observing art because to me it’s just an object, but hearing the story behind it however gives it so much life. This was truly a beautiful piece that I could appreciate and I could actually imagine the efforts that Bernini had induced into each leaf on Daphne to get it looking as life like as possible.

Berninis-Apollo and Daphne

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