Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Roman Holiday!

I have always had an obsession to travel to Italy since I was a little girl, and watching movies like La Dolce Vita or Under the Tuscan sun only made my Italian craving greater. I was inspired by one of my favourite Audrey Hepburn movies Roman holiday. I remember watching it and thinking that’s where I need to be. The Galati the food the champagne and the vespers, I wanted it all! I decided to escape from London over the boarders to get a taste of my favourite city. I could not have hoped for a more indulgent holiday than it turned out to be. I had my love Joe with me and the most amazing weather, food, wine, art and the list goes on. I will attempt to tell all of the high lights and my favourite part of the holiday. It may take a while though!
We woke up early on the Thursday and made our way to the bus stop that connected from Hammersmith to Heathrow. I have to say that the journey to the airport has to be one of my favourite things about going on holiday; while everyone has their fuck off faces going to work we had our smug I’m going on holiday faces on! We arrived in Rome in the late afternoon and made our way to Hotel Gamrinus located in the centre of the city centre. We walked into the hotel and was greeted by an older well groomed man who looked like Armani has blessed him from head to toe. The hotel wasn’t the most modern hotel but it had character and was within walking distance to the Trevi Fountain.
Joe and I ended up to be great travel buddies, he was my motivation to trek around the city and see all of the sites. I on the other hand wanted to try all of the different Gelatos and eat pizza and drink wine. He was so enthusiastic about everything and wanted to speak to everyone in Italian, by the end he was actually pretty good. We were very different travellers though, he wanted to look everything up on trip advisor and read reviews. I wanted to get lost down an alley way and find authentic little restaurants and bars.
The one thing that I kept noticing in Rome was the style the men and women had. I was amazed by the effort that the Italian people went to dress up to just walk down to the shops. We got on a bus one day and spotted this gorgeous old couple who looked about105 years old, they looked like they were literally holding each other up, and even though they were really old they still dressed to the nines. The old man was wearing a three piece suit and she looked like a ripe Sofia Loren, Fabulous! I can’t say what my favorite part of Rome was because I didn’t have one. Every day we did something different but equally fun. Some days we would wake up and have a full on days filled with acticitys and adventures. We would also enjoy the quiet walks around the parks enjoying the sun and having afternoon naps

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