Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Football in England

If there’s one thing I always get caught watching its football! When I was younger my punishment was to watch football with my dad, so I would say I wasn’t really a fan of football in the slightest. But when I moved over here I can only appreciate the passion that the English people have for this sport. At first I was thinking what’s the big deal? It’s only a game! But then Joe explained to me that it positively is more than a game it’s the stories behind the players and the football clubs that actually make the game interesting. As my mum said ‘If I had my time over I would have embraced the game instead of shun it!’ I still haven’t been to a live match but It’s definitely on the to do list before my time is up!
Here’s a few funny stories/chants they have come up with throughout the years:
  • When Rangers goalkeeper Andy Goram was revealed to be mildly schizophrenic, quick-witted fans chanted this to the tune of ‘Guantanamera’: “Two Andy Gorams / There’s only two Andy Gorams”
  • I like this Celtic chant because it’s wrong on so many levels. First of all, Shunsuke Nakamura is Japanese so is less likely to eat a traditional Chinese dish. And as for his likely political allegiances, well… This is to the tune of Winter Wonderland: “There’s only one Nakamura / One Nakamura / He eats Chow Mein / He votes Sinn Fein / Walking in a Nakamura wonderland”
  • Huddersfield Town sing this about their free-scoring striker Lee Novak to the tune of Sloop John B: “We’ve got Novak / We’ve got Nova-ak / Our carpets are filthy / We’ve got Novak”
  • Former Forest and Birmingham striker Stern John was the recipient of this superbly-clever chant – it wouldn’t have sounded out of place at a chess match, such was its intellect. This was sung to the tune of ‘Quartermaster’s Store’: “He’s big / He's fast / His first name should come last / Stern John / Stern John”

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