Friday, July 6, 2012

A weekend in Amsterdam why not!

So this year I have made a promise to myself to go on a few trips to exotic places that I have always dreamed of going since I can remember. This time it was Amsterdam! It’s been a place that always seemed so far away from home, a year ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of being able to jump on a plane and be there in an hour.

My friend Matteo was kind enough to use his B.A air points and bout us a return ticket from London. The plane trip was an adventure in itself! Firstly the plane got delayed, so we made the most of the extra time and decided to get a few drinks to start our holiday off early. The next thing we hear Matteo and Elisha please make your way to Gate ***. I have never run so quickly through an airport in my life. I was laughing so hard because looking at the situation from an outsider it looked like the scene off home and alone how the whole family were running through the airport to catch the last flight.

So we finally after a long debate with the flight attendant were on our way to Amstys (or so we thought). We touched down in Amsterdam and left the plane and made our way to Customs. I was searching frantically through my £20.00 H&M bag only to realise I had ‘misplaced’ my passport. This next part I would gladly wipe from my memory but I guess it’s one of those things that you look back at and laugh at. So to try and find my lost passport we had to get escorted by a police official through the whole plane I had the whole cleaning staff and policemen searching. After tears and panic and the thought of camping out at the airport until the Australian Embassy was open WE FINALLY FOUND IT!!!!!

Here are the highlights of our trip (and the red-light-Sorry! ;)

Getting there

The Food

Night life


To sum up Amsterdam I’ll use just a few words:

Crazy, peaceful, busy, exhilarating & stimulating  

It’s a place that needs to be added onto any travel list. Not because of the chocolate goodness served up, but because it is a perfect example of how older folks can coincide with the younger generation- and all doing so while riding bikes!

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