Monday, July 9, 2012

Joes Birthweek/Birthday

So this week has been extremely busy!! I feel like I haven’t taken the time to wind down after returning from my crazy trip to Amsterdam. I returned back to work as soon as I arrived back into London wich was hard enough. I had about three weeks of washing piling up at home. My hair needed washing and to tip it off I try and be good and go to the gym straight after work (which puts me even futher behind). It was mY friend Elles birthday so I took her out for a birthday dinner for at Azteca latin lounge and enjoyed some well deserved street tacos after a long hard workout.
The following day it was Joes Birthday so I took him out for a seafood dinner at Cape town Fish Market, Oxford Circus. We started off with the Oysters and then followed with a massive cold/hot seafood platter for two. Having seafood in London is a Luxury (even though we live on an Island) it seams to be lacking in quality and set at such a high price it’s bloody ridiculous.  On Friday Joe decided he wanted to go bowling with all of his friends. So we all heading to the Bloomsbury bowling centre. I absolutely loved this place! The music was fantastic and every one was having a ball. It was like when you used to have those bowling parties when you were five but this time alcohol was in the picture. Lets just say that the dancing scene from Dirty dancing was replicated that night…. A few times…

Over all such a great weekend with great friends! And to Joe- I promise one day Ill get you a pug for your birthday and we WILL call him Pickles J x

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