Friday, August 3, 2012

An English countryside getaway

So this was the first trip away with the in-laws (yes very daunting, I know). We decided to head to the Cotswolds for a few nights away and escape London Town. The first couple of nights we stayed at Gloucester at a Leisure retreat. The first day we strolled around the golf course and enjoyed the most gorgeous views of the English country side. I loved walking around the course (that was until after the first nine holes I realised we were only half way through and there was another nine to go!). This place was special to Joe because when he was growing up this was the place that he and his family would go for an annual holiday. All year they would look forward to the holiday, so I think he and his brother were a little anxious about returning. The place had been renovated over the years and had changed considerably, I think this was a little bit of a let down for them. Its just like anything else you remember when you were little; it’s never going to be as amazing as it was years ago. I felt proud to be there though, to see a little part of Joe’s childhood.

Never the less after two nights at Gloucester we were ready to say adios to Joe parentals and make a move to Painswick queen of the Cotswolds. This little quaint village was just what you would imagine a little chocolate box village to look like. It was kept in pristine condition by the proud locals, unlike the locals sauntering around London they would actually smile at you in the streets. My stay at Painswick really made me think I have adapted to the London ways more than I had thought. The quiet streets after 9pm made me feel uneasy, Joe and I had gone for a late night stroll and felt guilty for whispering to each other because it felt like we were shouting at each other. We stayed in a beautiful B&B ran by a semi retired finance worker from Australia and an eccentric ex art collecting wife. We instantly felt at home as soon as they both sat us down for a chat over tea and home made chocolate brownies. We had a long chat about the history of the house and why they loved having people come to stay with them. The house was covered from head to toe with dark and emotional baroque style paintings. I took pleasure in observing these paintings during the day, but at night the place felt like a haunted house!
After a weekend of over sleeping/eating/drinking we were ready to head back to London, and for the first time since I’ve lived in London I was excited to get home to our warm little flat!

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