Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ten things that have made me smile this week

So I came across this great blog about things that make you smile, finding this website made me smile! So I thought I’d share ten things this past week that made me smile :)
1. Waking up to beautiful (non wearing coat weather)catching the bus to work and indulging in my two guilty pleasures (50 shades of grey and frosties)

    2.  Making almond toffee on the weekend

    3. Watching Usain Bolt win the gold!

    4. Having a cosy night in with Joe and watching the Lorax J

    5. Watching Sopranos with Joey

    6. Having a work buddy bring me lovely books and muffins to brighten up my day! Thanks Gabby! x

    7. Witnessing how competitive men can get whilst playing Fifa

    8. Learning something new. This weekend I started working at a florist shop, I wanted to learn something new and decided to just do it!

    9.  Having the best bubble bath in the world! I don’t usually have baths at all but this time I went all out with bath salts, bubble bath, bath milk and scented candles.

    10. Having the motivation to go to the gym. I joined a Gym last month and to my surprise I actually make use of it. I’ve been making myself go at least three times week and it’s paying off big time!

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