Thursday, January 12, 2012

Malaysia- Kuala Lumpur

I will never forget the feeling of stepping off the plane and thinking this is actually the beginning of our trip. This is the stop over before our big Euro trip! I’m not so sure if it was a good idea to make this our first stop as by the end of the three days we were ready to be on our way. It was a funny picture, Justine and I trekking through the busy streets knocking people out of the way with our over packed backpacks. People shouting out at us trying to sell anything and everything and I wanted to buy it all! Checking into the hotel was also a funny picture as it looked nothing like the picture on the booking website. It was by far the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed in! I don’t know why they advertised a concierge service as all the men at the desk did was stair (sorry drool) at me and Justine. By this point we were over the sleazy men of Malaysia all we wanted was a nice air-conditioned room with clean bed. We finally got allocated a room(sorry a jail cell) and to our surprise it was far from what we had expected. Let me put it this way: it would have been comfortable and most likely more hygienic to sleep in a tent!
So the first night we decide to go explore the markets of Petaling Street and try some of the famous street food. We stumbled across this street cafe that served chili mud crab for the equivalent of $5.00.  This was my favourite part of my Malaysian stop over as I wasn’t expecting the food to be as flavoursome as it was. So after our crab feast we decided to hit the night life!  Even though our flight was the next day we decide to try every cocktail on the menu. And with alcohol prices so low and the temperature being so high I felt not at all guilty, until the next day when I was feeling very sorry for myself.  
One thing I can honestly say about Kuala Lumpur is after Malaysia we needed a holiday from a holiday!
 The Muggy Streets of KL
 The tasty chilli crab from Petaling Street
 A night out

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