Monday, January 16, 2012

H U N G A R Y- Budapest

So we had arrived in the overcast Hungary-Budapest straight from our sunny sail Croatia. To be completely honest I was surprised in how beautiful and pristine Hungary was as I hadn’t really heard much about the Country. The one thing that I can’t seem to stop thinking about is the deliciously hung cured meats in the busy Great Market hall. I was in paradise, surrounded by exotic spices, herbs and busy crowds of people bartering for a good price for their weekly groceries.  The nightlife wasn’t spectacular, from the very few things I have heard about Budapest it was that the nightlife was amazing. Don’t get me wrong we did end up having an all nighter and Justine ended up losing her shoes on the way home but it was lacking the wow factor!
Besides from the clubbing/partying scene we did get some great sightseeing in. We travelled up to the Buda Castles-Matthias Church. It was so romantic Justine and I couldn’t help but laugh and tell each other how much we wished we were with boyfriends! We were in awe by the spectacular architecture and spirit of the place. To top off a great day we heading to the restaurant situated at the top of the mountain to grab a quick glass of vino. Little did we know we had walked into a scene of a movie where there are waiters wearing a two piece suit and three violinist were serenading the crowd, what a great end to our beautiful day!
(or so we thought!)
The way home was not so great, so we heading towards the bus stop catch the bus back to our hostel. Sitting there was a little old woman who reminded me of my Grandma; she smiled at us as if she was inviting us in. We sat down and waited for the bus, finally it pulls up and I walk in to buy my ticket. The old lady started to shove me; I thought it was because she was having trouble getting into the bus so I ignored it. But when I looked closer she had her hand in my bag! I couldn’t believe it, how was this sweet little lady trying to hustle me! It was just one of the events that had shown me that I wasn’t on the safe little Gold Coast anymore!  On the way home we were hustled yet again by a two criminal looking people. We weren’t familiar with the transport systems and we must have had a big sign on our heads that stated take our money, because that’s exactly what they did. They pretended to be ticket inspectors to fine us for not buying the correct tickets for our journey. We knew they were taking us for a ride but it was easier to just pay them then to keep listening to their bullshit.
By the end of Budapest we were ready to move on, a week is plenty of time to see everything and get a good feel of what the country has to offer. Any longer and it would have been a bore!

Buda night life!

The Buda Castles

The Great Hall market

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