Thursday, January 12, 2012

C R O A T I A -Split,Omis,Markarska, Korcula, Pucisca, Hvar, Mljet & Dubrovnik

It was one of the places that I never really thought about travelling to and it actually turned out to be one of my favourite destinations. We had booked an 8 day Island sailing trip that stopped at 8 different islands through the Dalmatian coast. The sun was invited for the whole trip to my delight I was able to work on my tan. The people were beautiful! It felt like the whole country had adopted me over the two weeks of my visit.
I thought it was the best start to our trip because it showed me how different other parts of the world are from home. Justine and I were in Hvar walking past all of the different restaurants when we came across stunningly beautiful older women who kindly invited us into her home to give us pedicures. Now back at home if someone had asked the exact same question I would have told them where to go, but I thought when in Rome/Croatia! She had told us what it was like to live in one of the most luxurious destinations in Europe and how she had come to have been divorced, owned a restaurant and remarried a much younger man. I had met my Sophia Loren! She was such an inspiring women to have met, her interpretation of life was if your so unhappy with your life change it. It seemed such a simple solution but It must work because she was living the life!

The only thing I really didn’t love about Croatia was the lack of local food. It to me seemed a bit westernised for my liking, I went there looking to try a piece of their local cuisine and instead all I ate was pizza, Gelato and kebabs.

The Boat
I don’t know what Justine and I were thinking that we were going to get, maybe a Croatian version of Titanic. But our little boat was far from! We had rushed down to see what our room was like.... let me show a picture:

Enough said!
Moving on, What we had soon come to realise it obviously wasn’t the boat that made our trip but the crew that had come along for the ride. The first few days all we could do was complain about pretty much everything about the boat, by the end of the trip we were sad to leave. The crew were made up of 9 Australian guys, two Australian girls and two Canadian girls (it was a bit of a sausage fest). Ever night consisted of pub crawls, messy nights and unbearable mornings. It was just what I needed to get out of me, it felt like there was 21 years of partying saved up for a massive week of nonstop festivities. It was hard to stay sober when there was Kovlakos shoved at you every minute of the day and ridiculous outdoor super clubs with fountains to dance in.
The boat

The crew!
The streets

The veiw

Dining out

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