Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Waterloo Bridge-My love

Take a walk around Southbank/Embankment
I’d have to say when I walk across the bridge from Embankment to South bank it would have to be one of my favourite places to go to clear my head. It has the most spectacular view of the city skyline and of the Royal Albert hall. This was one of the first dates that Joe took me on, and secretly I think with that romantic setting it scored some big points for him. I recommend stopping off at embankment for a drink at Gordons wine bar(one of the oldest wine bars in London) and making your way across the bridge and maybe checking whats on at the concert hall. As mum would say ‘a little bit of culture won’t hurt you’

Gordons wine bar:
a great way to find out about London music/Jazz culture follow this blog:

The view from waterloo bridge

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